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Railroad signals are crucial to safely traveling across the tracks.

Without properly constructed signals, a railroad intersection becomes a high-risk area. The likelihood of collisions increases, putting the well-being of citizens and company assets at risk. Countless accidents can be prevented with the implementation of quality railroad signals construction that is regularly maintained.

Delivery schedules, revenue, and company reputations are also at risk when a railway crossing is improperly constructed and/or neglected. We can help keep your business operations moving.

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Railroad Signals Construction

Our Services

At American Railroad Signals, we’re dedicated to providing communities in North and South America with the highest quality, American-made railroad crossing solutions available. We have a comprehensive set of services and an experienced team that knows how to assess, plan, construct, install, and maintain railroad signal systems in any environment.

From high-traffic intersections and pedestrian crossings, to industrial parks and everything in between—you can trust American Railroad Signals with the safety of your community’s railways.

We provide a complete array of services for railroad signal construction and maintenance. From Grade Crossings to Quiet Zone Engineering, we can outfit your community with a signal system that will increase the safety and efficiency at the intersections of road and railway.

Interlocking Systems

Both railroad junctions and crossings can have multiple tracks crossing one another, which can make for high-risk conditions. With American Railroad Signals interlocking plants, signals are incapable of being displayed unless safe transit has been confirmed.

Managing multiple crossings in high-traffic areas is never easy. But with American Railroad Signals, it’s safer than ever before.

Positive Train Control (PTC) & Centralized Traffic Control (CTC)

Both PTC and CTC are protocol systems that improve the safety and efficiency of railway signaling. American Railroad Signals has the capability to analyze, install, and manage either system in your community’s railroad crossings.

Positive Train Control: Consists of automation software that tracks a train’s travel, speed, and whether it’s moving as it should be according to traffic scheduling.

Centralized Train Control: Consists of a central dispatch center that controls interlockings, traffic flow, and sections of railway within the jurisdiction of that railway line.

Grade Crossing Signals: Safety Assessments & Warning Systems

Perhaps one of the most commonly seen types of railroad crossing signal systems, Grade Crossing Signals are vital to the safety of both pedestrians and drivers. We offer key analysis, engineering, and construction of grade crossing systems.

Safety Assessments: We will identify the most critical issues with your current railroad signal system and devise the best plan of action to address those first. From that point, we then assess the ways in which we could streamline your operation and devise a comprehensive plan for you to review.

Warning Systems: Our team is experienced in the engineering and construction of warning systems for all railways, including freight and mass transit.

Railroad Preemption Design

For those unfamiliar with the term, Railroad Preemption Design is the process for engineering and constructing railway signals that are integrated with road-traffic signals, such as stoplights and crosswalk signals.

American Railroad Signals will help your community construct traffic-integrated signal systems that work to keep citizens safe at railroad crossings, whether they’re on foot or in a vehicle.

Wiring & Shop Testing

We have a fully functioning wiring shop that handles the engineering, electrical configuration, and testing of the equipment prior to installation.

Extensive On-Site Testing

Once we’ve constructed a railroad signal system or any other facet of the signaling process, we subject the finished product to rigorous testing prior to any live-train scenarios. We always conduct extensive testing of all safety functions before final launch of a new system.

Our engineering team is highly skilled in the design of long-lasting, reliable signal systems that keep citizens safe and company schedules on track.

Engineering for All Railway Signal Systems

We have a team of engineers that are well-versed in the assessment, design, and testing of railroad signals. Our guys know what problems to look for, how to solve them, and will ensure that your signal system is running effectively before it goes live.

Quiet Zone Engineering

When train tracks are near neighborhoods or business parks, the noise of the horn can be an obnoxious nuisance for residents and/or employees.

From getting help with implementing the FRA’s “Train Horn Rule” to planning your community’s Quiet Zone, American Railroad Signals can help your community remain quieter without sacrificing safety.

Safety starts with analysis and construction, but is ensured through post-installation testing and routine maintenance.

The FRA mandates 30-day, 90-day, and 1-year inspections on railway crossings to ensure the safety of citizens. We offer our customers maintenance contracts that will keep your system consistently safe and up to code, which will also help you avoid any avoidable fines from the FRA.

Our experience in railway signaling systems makes us experts in a variety of areas in the railroad industry. We have additional services that go hand-in-hand with our construction division.

Railway Signal Training Seminars

We offer training seminars for all state and federal employees, law enforcement, and anyone involved in the railway infrastructure of your community.

State-Funded Consulting & Project Specification

By law, the state is required to provide railroad enterprises with up to $3500 to be spent on Consultation and Project Specification from reputable railroad construction companies, such as American Railroad Signals. These funds are intended to incentivize routine improvements to railway safety and keep citizens safe.

Contact us to find out more about getting this funding for your company or community.

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